Change Log

May 2019 - SMS sending

Updated documentation on Document Sending Service. Removed beta warning.

April 2019 - Vipps eFaktura sending

Document Sending Service now supports sending as Vipps eFaktura.

February 2019 - SMS sending

Support for sending invoices/document notifications on SMS.

January 2019 - Total paid on sales

Total paid amount are now present on sales objects.

December 2018 - Pagination and sorting

Support for pagination and sorting on most resources.

November 2018 - Pagination and sorting

Support for filtering on many resources. resources.

March 2018 - More search improvements, payments on sales in foreign currencies and documentation revamp

The search can now search specific fields for a collection, allowing you to look up based on memberNumber for contacts, or saleNumber etc on Sales.

We have also added a few more scenarios with usage examples for some services and data resources.

See search service for details, and check out the menu for more scenarios

We now support registering payments in foreign currencies on sales in foreign currencies, to make it easier for integrations that sell abroad, see create invoice in foreign currency for an example flow.

October 2017 - Search improvements

Contact search now searches organization number as well, and document product searchable fields

August 2017 - Search now also covers products

Credit notes are now supported in the API.

Added missing field customer to Invoice and Credit note

June 2017 - Search now also covers products

It is possible to search for products in the search service.

March 2017 - Product API

API for listing/creating products is now documented.

December 2016 - Currency

Sales in foreign currencies is now supported in the API.

November 2016 - General ledger entries

It's now possible to add general ledger entries.

October 2016 - Search API available

A company-wide search service is now available.

Smaller changes

December 2015 - Invoice API available

We have added support for listing and creating invoices. A new resource collection for listing invoices has been added, and two services for creating and sending invoices has been added.

From a company resource the invoice rel is available to navigate to the invoice list. The invoice includes among other things the dates, amounts and invoice lines. In addition it includes a reference to the sale which can be used to see payment status and register new payments.

For creating invoices there is a new link available from the company resource with the create-invoice rel. To create an invoice send a create invoice request to the service.

The second service adds a way to send invoice documents. This first version adds support for sending documents through email and EHF. The service's URL can be found through the document-sending-service rel from a company.